About VRWA's Training Programs

VRWA provides training to operators, managers, owners, and board members of water and wastewater systems in Vermont. We stress hands-on training both in the classroom and onsite. We prepare new operators to take certification exams and also offer a wide range of topics for experienced operators and managers.

Classroom Training & Continuing Education Roundtables

VRWA provides classroom training and continuing education roundtables. Some of our roundtable groups choose to meet on a regular schedule and choose their own agendas. Contact us if you are interested in joining or forming a local discussion group, or want to subscribe to receive training announcements.

Training by Request

Any small group which can provide a suitable course location can request that VRWA hold a course in their area. We will work with you to offer a topic that meets your needs and will provide the instructor. Contact us today to schedule a course near you.

Onsite Training

During site visits, VRWA offers instruction on techniques to solve many problems. When appropriate, VRWA can issue training contact hours to the operator.

Course Credit

Courses award TCH (training contact hour) credit which can be used for operator certification requirements in Vermont. Some courses can be applied towards both water and wastewater certifications, while others are specific to one or the other. Please contact us with questions about a particular course.

All course attendees are mailed a certificate showing TCHs earned. Replacement certificates can be ordered for a processing fee of $10 for the first course, plus $5 per certificate for additional courses (member discounts apply).


VRWA's onsite technical assistance and training services are supported by many sources, including the following: VRWA member systems, VRWA associate members, National Rural Water Association, U.S. Department of Agriculture, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation. Learn more about our partners through our Links page.