Water Heroes at Montpelier’s Water Treatment Facility

This month, instead of honoring just one Water Hero, we’re highlighting three: the fantastic team at the City of Montpelier Water Treatment Facility.

Geoff Wilson is the Chief Operator and will celebrate 25 years at Montpelier this August (20 of those years at the treatment facility).

Mike Farnham is an Operator and has been at the facility for nearly 17 years.

George Hood has been an Operator at Montpelier for over 15 years.

The trio says their favorite parts of the job are knowing they are providing a safe, consumable product to the community; the science involved in the profession; and protecting the environment. No one has a least favorite part, but they admit that being on call can be inconvenient.

At the beginning of the pandemic, operations were slowed down and made more restrictive due to additional safety protocols. The team implemented COVID-19 safety protocols and made changes to sampling protocol to lessen contact frequency with the community. The staff has adjusted, and they work to protect each other. Geoff says it’s a team effort to manage the facility.

They stay motivated knowing that the community is provided a safe, consumable product—which is especially important now, during difficult times and the pandemic.

Asked if they have any advice for other water operators, they said, “Be proud of what you do and strive to achieve compliance and beyond at all times.”

Thank you, Geoff, Mike, George, and to all of Vermont’s water and wastewater operators who continue performing essential services to protect the health and environment of our communities!

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Interview has been edited for length and clarity.