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Cross Connection Control (Zoom)

February 2, 2023
9:00 am – 12:30 pm

Cross connections in public water systems can cause adverse health effects to consumers if a control program is not in place. High-risk businesses such as car washes, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, funeral parlors, and veterinarian clinics may pose hazards to a water system if they do have a backflow preventer in place.

This course walks participants through the process of identifying high-risk hazards and what backflow prevention device is needed to protect your water system from backflow or backsiphonage of contaminants into the drinking water.

3 TCH – Water

Member: $21
Non-member: $42

Registrants will receive the Zoom link by email the day before class. (If you do not receive the link, first check your spam folder, then email kboyk@vtruralwater.org before the class start time.) Please log in to Zoom at least 10 minutes before class starts. Click here for more information about Zoom trainings.

Paula Jackson, VRWA