Water Quality Maintenance Specialist — Champlain Water District

Posted: August 18, 2023

The Water Quality Maintenance Specialist (WQMS) shall perform scheduled and non-scheduled maintenance, general repair, monitoring, testing, and documentation related to the four multiple barriers: source protection, filtration, disinfection, and transmission/distribution/storage system protection. Employee will be required to perform in all areas related to the multiple barriers of the District, i.e., watershed/Shelburne Bay, treatment facility, pump stations, storage tanks, underground vaults, distribution/transmission systems, drying beds, and laboratory. This employee will perform in a variety of work situations to maintain and troubleshoot all types of Champlain Water District (CWD) equipment and facilities and conduct monitoring of the four barriers, as assigned. This employee is also responsible to perform as a District Treatment & Transmission Specialist (TTS) to cover all scheduled shift related leaves of the TTS staff.

This position shall be directly responsible to the Director of Water Quality & Production and in his/her absence to the Operations & Quality Systems Supervisor (OQSS). When performing as a TTS, general direction/coordination is provided by the Lead TTS with direct supervision by the Director of Water Quality & Production and in his/her absence to the OQSS. For responsibilities that may involve oversight and direction of other TTS staff, this position would use authority delegated by the Director of Water Quality & Production/OQSS. Position shall work closely and complement the other Water Quality Maintenance Specialists. Employee shall recognize the fact that the CWD treatment facility and transmission system requires a TTS in attendance 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it is the Water Quality Maintenance Specialists responsibility serving as Leave Coverage Treatment & Transmission Specialist’s, to assist by covering all leaves granted with more than four days’ notice.

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