Vermont Rural Water is governed by a five-person board of directors composed of representatives from member systems who are elected to serve three-year terms.

This year, three candidates are running for three seats. Jon Thornton and Margaret Dwyer are seeking reelection; April Busfield is running for an open seat. (Rod Lamothe is leaving the board after many years of service.) Click each candidate’s name below to read their qualifications and statement.

Voting is open until April 26, 2024. Water and wastewater system members of Vermont Rural Water may vote once. Non-members and Associate members are not eligible to vote.


April Busfield

Systems: Canaan WWTF and Canaan Fire Districts 1 & 2

Board of Directors for Granite State Rural Water Association
Almost 20 years as Water and Wastewater Operator
Almost 10 years working for Canaan, VT
Overseen major water and wastewater upgrades for Canaan, VT
Very active in the water and wastewater community and public outreach

My wastewater system is owned 54 percent by Canaan, VT and 46 percent by Stewartstown, NH but I have been based out of Canaan for the past 10 years. The wastewater system underwent a total upgrade in 2014. I am also the chief operator for Canaan Fire District 1, which underwent a total upgrade between 2017 and 2019 and was the 2022 Drinking Water Taste Test winner. Lastly for Vermont, I also am the chief operator for Canaan Fire District 2, which was 2023 Drinking Water Taste Test winner. I also serve two water systems in Stewartstown, NH and am the backup operator for water and wastewater for Pittsburg, NH.

My career has been that of any small-town operator. The towns do not have the funding for a lot of
employees so we end up running as many small systems as we can handle. Although it is stressful it makes for a very versatile operator that needs to solve problems efficiently and quickly before there is a issue with another system we are managing. This is typical for systems north of the notch as we are spread out with lower population densities. Because of short staffing, small systems are often overlooked and are not able to be represented on the boards because of lack of funding and time to travel south. Please consider me for the position if you need any assistance in the future.

Margaret Dwyer

System: Winhall-Stratton Fire District #1

I am currently employed by the Stratton Mountain Ski Resort as the Water and Wastewater Chief Operator. I have been in this position managing a .813 MGD facility for the resort since 1992. I also have a contract operations company—Windham Contract Services, LLC—where I manage three wastewater and eight private water systems in southern Vermont. I possess a Grade 5 DM Vermont Wastewater Certification, a Class 3 Vermont Water Certification, and a Class 2 Laboratory Certification. I was on the Town of Windham Planning Commission from 1999–2001 and the Town of Windham Selectboard from 2001–2014 and currently serve on the Town of Windham Cemetery Commission.

I feel I would be a good candidate to continue serving on this Board because of my experience in operating water and wastewater systems and my time served in local government. I have seen the industry from both sides of the table and have developed relationships with other operators, vendors, town boards, and the public that can only be gained through time. I am currently serving as Board President and I hope you will give me the privilege of continuing to serve you on the Board of Directors of the Vermont Rural Water Association.

1987 SUNY ESF, Syracuse, New York – Bachelor of Science in Biology
1985 Adirondack Community College, Glens Falls, New York – Associate of Science in Biology
1982 United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado

I have been a board member of the Vermont Rural Water Association since 2013 and am currently serving as the President of the Board. I hope to be considered for another term due to the experience I bring from the public and private sectors of Water and Wastewater treatment and management. I feel I can bring a fresh perspective coming from the indirect discharge side of the wastewater industry as well as the variety of systems I currently manage including SBRs and lagoons. On the water side I have a variety of clients including Public, TNC and NTNC water systems some with budgets over $1,000,000 per year. It has been my pleasure to serve and I hope to continue for another term.

Jon Thornton

System: Bradford Water & Sewer Commission

Grade II Pollution Abatement Facility Operator
Class 3 Public Water System Operator
Vermont Rural Water Association Board of Directors since 2018
National Rural Water Association Board of Directors since 2019

I am seeking re-election to the Vermont Rural Water Association’s Board of Directors. I have been a VRWA Director since my initial election in 2018. In 2019, I was appointed by the VRWA Board of Directors to be the Vermont Director on the National Rural Water Association’s Board of Directors. I have 33+ years of experience working in Vermont in the wastewater and water fields. I enjoy being a board member and representing my systems and other operators in Vermont. I am honored to have had the opportunity to represent Vermont and be a positive voice for all of us at both the Vermont level and the national level. Being a part of the VRWA team as a Director and playing a role in moving the organization and its outstanding staff forward has been a highlight of my career. Thank you for your consideration.