Vermont Drinking Water Week is seeking bids for the development of online educational materials to take the place of a field trip that is normally held in May. We are seeking technical assistance to bring our existing content together into a condensed 30-minute video that can be presented in a classroom setting. Our committee will partner with you to provide content and seek out relevant water resources to populate the online content. Our overall goal is to engage students in grades 4-6 to think about where their water comes from, how it gets to the tap, the importance of safe and reliable drinking water, and water conservation efforts.

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Deadlines and Deliverables

A response to this RFP is due on March 24, 2021. Your response to the proposal must include a clear understanding of the project and requested deliverable. Please describe your unique specialties and skills that will be used to complete this project. Highlight any relevant projects, work with middle school students, or natural resource projects as applicable. References should be made available upon request.

A lump sum cost for the final deliverable is required. Please plan to provide a draft video for committee review. Assume in the cost that lump sum cost that there will be one round of edits resulting from the committee feedback prior to going final. A cost for additional minor changes, amounting to 1-2 hours of work, should be a provided as separate line item.

 The bid will be awarded on April 7
 The draft video will be provided to the DWW committee by May 7
 Committee feedback will be submitted by May 14
 The video will be finalized by May 21for distribution to schools

Proposals and questions should be submitted by email to the DWW Committee at