DPW Utility Worker — Barton Village

Position Classification: FLSA Non‐Exempt. Full‐time
Supervisor: DPW Foreman/Chief Wastewater Operator/Water System Chief Operator
Pay Grade: 3

Job Summary
The DPW Utility Worker is primarily responsible to support the operation and maintenance of
public works utilities including water treatment and distribution, wastewater collection and
treatment, highway and drainage systems, sidewalks and maintaining all associated equipment.

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Duties Include:

1.Treatment Facility Operation
a. Support the chief operators licensed to operate the Barton Village Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities, including: daily testing, reports, maintenance of chemical feed equipment, pumps, air blowers, filters and emergency backup systems.
b. Support operators with on-call duties for nights and weekends for system troubles and daily testing.
c. Enter training programs to achieve water treatment and wastewater treatment licensing.

2. Water Distribution System Maintenance
a. Water system repairs and maintenance, water system flushing, customer water connects and disconnects, including season turn on/turn offs and install, rebuild and test water meters.

3. Wastewater Collection System Maintenance
a. Wastewater collection system repairs and maintenance including manhole maintenance, flushing and clog maintenance.

4. Road and System Maintenance

5. Equipment Operation

6. Customer Relations

7. Available during emergency situations

8. Other duties as assigned

To Apply
P.O. BOX 519
BARTON, VT 05822