Utility Management Certification - Application Instructions

The Utility Management Certification (UMC) is designed to take into account education, experience and training. VRWA will review given candidates UMC application to determine eligibility and verify attendance for upcoming UMC Course. Following approval you will receive log-in information for taking the online UMC Exam at later date. Once the log-in is received, the applicant will have 90-days to successfully complete exam. The certification is valid for a three year period.

  • A minimum of 100 points is required for eligibility in this program.
  • Education: 10 points are awarded for each item in the left hand column. Include required information and tabulate to the right hand column.
  • Direct management/operations of a water and/or wastewater utility: 10 points are awarded for each year of direct management/operation of a water and/or wastewater utility. A maximum of 60 points is allowable for this category.
  • Water University "UMC" specific training course: 10 points are awarded if you attended a "Utility Management Certification" specific training course sponsored by Vermont Rural Water Association.
  • Training received in last 2 years: 1 point per hour of training received is awarded in this category. The training is required to be specific to water and wastewater utility operations.
  • Water and/or Wastewater Certifications: 10 points for each state issued water and/or wastewater certification is awarded in this category.
  • A phone number and e-mail address are required on the application. Other information is required to facilitate news releases upon your successful completion and award of the" Utility Management Certification" designation.

Fees: The application and exam fee of $250.00 must be received prior to authorization for testing.

The Water University Utility Management Certification application is available for download at this link (pdf).

Return completed application to Vermont Rural Water Association -

Via email note UMC in subject line.
Via fax 866-378-7213
Via mail to:

Vermont Rural Water Association
20 Susie Wilson Rd., Suite b
Essex Junction, VT 05452