I’m looking for someone to take over the sale of the Sludge Sled business for removing sludge from lagoons and other sedimentation basins. See My asking price is $50,000, which includes a nearly complete unit ready for sale. Call me at 603-632-7594 or email me at, for more details.

Jim Martel, Pres.
Sediment Control Systems, Inc.

Used DBI/Sala tripod without winch.  Extendable legs.

Located in Springfield VT, Price $800
Contact:  Oscar Garcia (802-299-6115)

5HP Blower Packages for Sale

Purpose Energy has four 5HP blower packages for sale. They were commissioned in January 2017 at Fiddlehead Brewery in Shelburne and only ran for 1 year. The Republic packages include frames, Roots blowers, 5 HP motors, silencers, pressure gauges, and weighted over-pressure protection. If interested please email Eric Fitch at

Lab Equipment, Free

No longer needed by our lab:

Revco BOD10 B.O.D. incubator
Thermolyne Type 37900 Culture Incubator
Circular flow chart paper
4 boxes Foxboro 809426 11.125", 7 day, 0-1.5 range
4 boxes older Graphic Controls BR 55108 11.25", 7 day, 0-15 range
Fisher M Scope with wand, will need batteries.

Pick up in Manchester, VT. at wastewater plant


Free desk and/or HP Color Plotter (DesignJet 500ps).

Contact Vermont Rural Water Association at 802-660-4988 ext. 305. Click here for a photo.

WSID: 5327

Contact: Shirley J. Grainger-Inselburg 802-649-5266

1 Goulds 3hp 230v 3w4" Submersible Pump (cost: $1,395.00; currently in use in the reservoir but in good condition, as the pump motor was replaced at a cost of $917.45 on April 2, 2014)

1 Goulds 3hp 230v 3w4" Submersible Pump (cost: N/A; currently in use at the wellhead but in good condition; installed in September 2010)

1 Goulds 3hp 230v 3w4" Submersible Pump (cost: $1,395.00; brand-new and is still in its original box unopened; purchased December 2015)

1 Goulds Motor Control Box, for 3hp Goulds Submersible Pump (cost: $249.00; brand-new, never used; still in original box; purchased December 2015). Note: This control box goes with the brand-new 3hp Goulds pump above.

2 CentriPro Motor Control Boxes, Model #CB30412MC, 3hp, 230v, for a 3hp Goulds Submersible Pump (cost: approx. $240.00 each; both in good condition; installed at the Pump House in September 2010).

1-1/2" Sensus SR Master Flow Meter (purchased from E.F. Prescott in 2007. Estimated life: meter body, ECR register, bolts and flanges should last 30-50 years; internal measuring chamber should last between 10-30 years). Note: This latter inner mechanism has been recently cleaned by SOS, Inc. and is in good working order.

1 Sensus SR Internal Meter Chamber, together with Gasket and Casing, for the above Sensus SR Master Flow Meter (cost: $343.90; brand-new, purchased by SOS, Inc., in February 2016 to have on hand to replace the original chamber some time in the future)

1 Amtrol Well-X-Trol 350 Pressure Tank (119-Gallon) (cost: $1,515.00; installed December 2015; in excellent condition).

1 Amtrol Well-X-Trol 350 Pressure Tank (119-Gallon) (cost: $1,569.50; in good condition; installed April 30, 2014)

1 Amtrol Well-X-Trol 350 Pressure Tank (119-Gallon) (cost: N/A; installed around 2001/2002 by Ralph Morgan & Sons, but may not last much longer). Note: This pressure tank was going to be replaced by SOS, Inc. in 2016 and may be close to the end of its useful life.

1 McDonnell /Miller FS251/NEMA 1 Flow Switch (cost: $249; in excellent condition; installed in late 2015 or early 2016 by Excel/SOS, Inc.)

1 Stenner Peristaltic Pump Model No. 45MJH1B1STAA, 100 psi/220v/0.9amp/3GPD (cost: $500.76; purchased in May 14, 2015, in excellent condition)

1 Pulsafeeder Chem-Tech Series 200 Chlorination Pump (cost: $456.00, purchased in 2007; in good working condition, but not used for the past year, because of the need for a different kind of pump installation that would keep the tank full for more than a month without re-filling. Includes a 35-gallon Tank)

6 5-Gallon Carboys of Sodium Hypochlorite (cost: $247.50 for seven 5-gallon containers; suggest HPHWS asks SOS, Inc. to buy back remaining carboys from the HPHWS)

1 Baby Bath (cost: $20.00; for containing Carboy of Sodium Hypochlorite, when in use, 2015)

1 Hach Free and Total Chlorine Color Disc Test Kit, Model: CN-66 (cost: $56.95; excellent condition, only used a dozen times, 2015.)

Hach DPD Free Chlorine Reagent Powder Pillows, 5 mL, pk/50 (cost: $10.95; expiration date 2017; will donate with Hach Chlorine Test Kit listed above)

Hach DPD Total Chlorine Reagent Pillows, 5 mL, pk/50 (cost: $10.95; expiration date 2017; will donate with Hach Chlorine Test Kit listed above)

Copper Screen for Pump House Reservoir Overflow Pipe (located outside the Pump House and is in good condition from 2005)

1 10-foot Aluminum Straight Ladder (purchased more than 20 years ago, as a safety measure for entry into the holding-tank, but only used once for cleaning and videotaping the condition of the tank)

1 Sampling Faucet (Raw Water) (cost: included in an overall cost of $334.60, which includes miscellaneous 1-3/4" and 1" copper and PVP pipe, valves, fittings, installed during the past six months by SOS, Inc.)

1 Sampling Faucet (Treated Water) (cost: N/A; n.d., part of original installation in 1969, but would have been replaced at some time during the nineties)

1 Short, White, Heavy-Duty, Anti-Microbial Water Hose, designed for boating usage, but HPHWS used it previously to top up the chlorination tank and dilute the chlorine levels (cost: N/A; purchased around 2008; in good condition; donate?)

1 Electric Junction Box (20 slots for fuses/breakers) (cost: N/A, as part of total electrical system replacement by Peter Schaal Electric; installed 2010)

Deadbolt Lock and Keys (replaced in 2002; in good working order; in very good condition)

J-Vent for Ventilation of the Holding-Tank. Note: This ventilation filter was installed by SOS, Inc. in the side of the Bilco Bulkhead Doors at the entry way over the reservoir, some time during 2016.

High Density Polyethylene Bilco Bulkhead Doors (cost, including labor for installation: $1,875.00; purchased 2007, but in very good condition). Note: A set of two doors, these Bilco bulkhead doors could also be used to replace a homeowner's outdoor, corroded metal, basement access doors.

Gasket for Bilco Bulkhead Doors (estimated cost: $60.00 but invoice did not itemize and included labor installation costs; installed September 2015)

1 External Emergency Light for Low Water in Reservoir at Pump House (price: N/A; included in an overall estimate for replacing the entire HPHWS electrical system at the Pump House; in very good condition; installed in 2010). Note: Light has never had to be used for a low water emergency.

Curb Stops (numerous Shut-Off Valves--some may be in good condition, such as the ones for the following properties: Donnelly, Mosher, and McBride and could possibly be re-used)

2 Flush Hydrants (one in very good condition and one in good condition--both purchased in 2005, with the first one being installed that same year on the Levin property. The second one remained in its original box and was not installed on the Donnelly property until 2012). Note: See Figure 1 for a photograph of the type of flush hydrant at the end of this list.

1 Curb Valve Key (cost: N/A; purchased 1969). Note: Useful for one HPHWS homeowner to have for his or her outside shut-off valve, but not worth selling, as one can pick up one of these on Amazon for less than $10.00.

1 Pressure Switch at the Pump House (Cost: N/A; may have been replaced by SOS, Inc. in 2015)

2 Campbell Psi Meters (1-100 psi) at the Pump House (Cost: N/A; 1 may have been during 2015)

Copper Electrical Wiring and Pipes from Pump House and from the Transmission Line from the Wellhead to the Pump House, unless the latter has to be left in the ground (re-sale value: $2.149 per pound, but price fluctuates daily on the stock market)

Some shutoff spigots and shut-off levers at the Pump House may be salvageable (maximum total number: 7; n.p.)

1 North Emergency Eye and Skin Flush Station (wall-mountable; donate to a local water system or a non-profit organization?)

1 First-Aid Box (donate to the Haven?) 1 Pair of Protective Goggles (Donate?)

1 Smart Electric Meter (belongs to Green Mountain Power). Note: Company will need to disconnect the power line and remove the meter before demolition of Pump House, after the last well is drilled)

950 gallon vertical plastic storage tank.

Has been used indoors to store Bioxide.
Equipped with 110 volt pump for filling smaller containers.
Located in Glover, VT
Price negotiable.
Contact: Jack Sumberg
phone: 802 525-4277

WANTED: BOD BOTTLES... Do you have BOD bottles that you don't need or use. Endyne will pay you for these old bottles which we will put to good use. Just call Rod Lamothe @ 802-879-4333 ext 311.

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Check out VRWA's jobs page. We're hiring a Wastewater Specialist and Program Assistant!


I’m looking for someone to take over the sale of the Sludge Sled business for removing sludge from lagoons and other sedimentation basins. See My asking price is $50,000, which includes a nearly complete unit ready for sale. Call me at 603-632-7594 or email me at, for more details.

Jim Martel, Pres.
Sediment Control Systems, Inc.

Public Works Engineer - Water Resources

Join our vibrant Water Resources Engineering team tackling Water Supply, Wastewater Collection/Treatment and Separate Stormwater and Combined Sewer challenges in Burlington, Vermont - on the shores of the beautiful Lake Champlain.

Our ideal candidate will have both design and project management experience, have worked in or with the public sector and be well versed in at least 2 of the 3 "waters." Strong stormwater design experience is strongly preferred given the make up of our current team, but all well rounded water resources engineering candidates should apply! See: for full job description.

Town staff vacancy
Water/Wastewater Systems Operator

The Town of Randolph is accepting applications for a Water/Wastewater System Operator. Applicants possessing a Grade 3 Water License and a Grade 2 Wastewater License preferred. Licensure may be waived if applicant can demonstrate ability to obtain both within 2 years (training is provided). This is a full-time hourly position working in both water and wastewater operations. Wage is based upon qualifications. Randolph provides a full range of benefits including medical, dental, life, and retirement. Position is open until filled. Send an application or letter of interest Too: W/Ww Operator Position, Town of Randolph, Drawer B, Randolph, VT 05060 or email No phone calls. Randolph is an Equal Opportunity Employer

City of Lebanon
Dept. of Public Works
Fleet Supervisor (Full-Time)

The Public Works Department is accepting applicants for the full-time, 40 hrs./wk., Mon. – Fri. position of Fleet Supervisor. This is a LPASE Union/supervisory, Grade 9 position, reporting to the DPW Dir. & the Asst. DPW Dir. Hourly rate of pay is $27.73 - $37.45 depending upon experience & qualifications. Wages are enhanced with a full benefits packet including vacation, sick & personal days, health, dental, life ins., retirement benefits short term disability & more!

This position requires extensive mechanical knowledge of new and old vehicles, gas and diesel engines, a variety of mechanical systems as well as a wide variety of City owned equipment (ie: landfill trash compactors). Work outside of normal business hours is required as needed for emergency and/or public safety concerns (includes nights and weekends).

Requirements: Candidates for this position must have graduated from High School or the equiv., supplemented by vocational/technical courses in the automotive trades, five (5) to seven (7) years’ exp. in vehicle & equipment maintenance with three (3) years in a supervisory role, a CDL class A driver’s license, and a valid motor vehicle inspection license from the State of NH. Physicals and drug testing required.

Submit applications to: or via mail to: Human Resources Dept., 51 North Park Street, Lebanon, New Hampshire 03766. Deadline for submission is Friday, May 24.

To download an application visit: Applications are REQUIRED for all positions (resumes optional).

The City of Lebanon is an equal opportunity employer

Executive Director - Green Mountain Conservation Group

Green Mountain Conservation Group (GMCG) is seeking a dynamic and affable individual with vision and excellent communications skills to lead us into a new phase of watershed conservation and advocacy as our next Executive Director. The successful candidate will have proven leadership, fundraising, and nonprofit management experience, as well as a strong passion for resource conservation on the watershed level. They will share our core values of respect, trust, communication, and non-confrontation.

The Executive Director takes direction from the Board of Directors and is responsible for staff management, grant-writing, cultivating donors and volunteers, membership development, and policy development and implementation. GMCG has a 21-year history as the premier conservation and advocacy organization in the seven-town Ossipee Watershed of central New Hampshire. Enjoy our mountains, lakes and proximity to the seacoast. Get REAL with us through Research, Education, Advocacy, and Land Trusts.

Please send a letter of interest, resume, and references to, or ED Search Task Force at GMCG, Attention: Noreen Downs, PO Box 95, Effingham, NH 03882. For the full job description,

Sugarbush Utilities Operator

Sugarbush Resort, a leading four-season resort in Warren, Vermont, is seeking an Operator for our Water/Wastewater Utilities Department. This is a full time year round position with a competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package including perks for the active lifestyle: golf and health club memberships, annual ski/ride pass, and many resort discounts.

Perform specialized technical functions and associated tasks related to operations and maintenance of the water and wastewater facilities, water distribution system and sewer collection system, and work with environmental projects.

3 years of relevant work experience and/or a minimum of an AS Degree in a related field preferred. Good mechanical skills with general knowledge of plumbing and electrical systems. Pump operation/maintenance knowledge is desirable. Vermont Grade 1 or 2 Water/Wastewater Certifications preferred. Training to attain certifications is available for the right candidate.

For information or to apply please visit;

Drinking Water Plant Operator Position Opening - Burlington Vermont

  • Regular Full Time Non Exempt - $25.19 - $28.09 Hourly
This position is responsible for daily operation and maintenance of the Water treatment facility. Visit: for job description and to apply.

Meter Reader / Distribution Maintenance Technician

The Champlain Water District (CWD), an award winning regional water provider having the distinction of receiving the “First in the Nation Excellence In Water Treatment Award” from the Partnership for Safe Water, announces a position opening within its existing Retail Department that assures high quality drinking water is distributed throughout Chittenden County.

CWD has an opening for a Meter Reader/Distribution Maintenance Technician. This position performs water meter reading, metering maintenance, water system maintenance, and construction duties in various water distribution systems owned and/or operated by CWD. Must possess or have the ability to obtain a State of Vermont Class D Water System Operator Certification within 18 months from date of hire. Valid State of Vermont driver’s license with a clean record and the ability to meet the insurability criteria of the District’s insurance carrier. The hourly range for this position is $19.40 to $20.04, including an excellent benefits package. Deadline to Apply: April 2, 2019. Equal Opportunity Employer.

For a complete job description visit:

Cover letter and resume to:

Director of Human Resources
Champlain Water District
403 Queen City Park Road
S. Burlington, VT 05403

Town of Springfield
Chief Operator - Wastewater Treatment/Composting

The Town of Springfield, VT is seeking a highly motivated and qualified individual to be responsible for the Plant Operators and Laboratory Technician. Actively participates in the technical work, maintenance and operation of the wastewater treatment plant, pumping stations, pre-treatment facility and composting facility. The position also serves to assist the Superintendent of Water & Sewer and the Public Works Director with technical and the everyday knowledge of the Wastewater Treatment/Composting Plant. This is a non-union position; pay based on experience.

Qualified applicants are required to hold a High School Diploma or GED with supplemental courses relating to wastewater treatment and experience to demonstrate the ability to oversee the operation and maintenance of the sewer utilities. Candidates are required to be certified with a State of Vermont Water Pollution Control Operator Grade IV License, but Grade V is preferred. A valid State Motor Vehicle Operators License is also required. In addition, communication skills, written and oral, are necessary to maintain internal/external communication with employees, supervisors and the public.

Submit cover letter and resume to the Human Resources Manager; via email, at Please reference the Chief Operator position in the subject line. Position will remain open until a qualified candidate is hired.

The City of Burlington Water Resources Division is hiring a Chief Water Plant Operator.  Posting closes February 11, 2019.

Starting Salary $65,587.81 - $73,193.33 Annually depending on experience

See: for full job posting and to apply.

General Purpose This position is responsible for determining the operation and maintenance activities and programs, scheduling the work of Plant Operators and Plant Mechanics and directing, controlling and evaluating the programs and staff for optimum plant operation and maintenance for the production of potable water serving Burlington and Colchester Fire District #2.

  Essential Qualifications

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering, Chemistry, Biology or related science and five (5) years working in a water treatment plant required. Additional experience may be substituted for a degree requirement on a two-for-one year basis.
  • Grade 4C Vermont Water Operator Certification preferred.  Ability to obtain Grade 4C Vermont Water Operator Certification within 1 year required.
  • Previous supervisory experience required. Previous supervisory experience in a Union environment preferred.

Employment Opportunity

The North Bennington Board of Water Commissioners is accepting applications for one (1) full time Water Operator position in the North Bennington Water Department.

The operator will be required to perform tasks related to the operation and maintenance of the water treatment facility and water distribution system. The position works with and reports to the Superintendent of Water, requires alternate weekend and holiday duty and response to emergencies as they arise. Minimum requirements are: High School diploma or equivalent, a clean driver’s license and reliable transportation, effective communication skills, strong work ethic, basic math and computer skills. Candidate will be required obtain a Vermont Class 4B Water Operator’s license within two years from date of hire. Ideal candidates will possess a Vermont Class 4 Water Operator’s license or have water operations experience. A maximum thirty minute emergency response time to North Bennington is preferred.

For questions please contact Superintendent, Theodore Fela at 802-442-3883.

Please send resume to:
North Bennington Water Department
PO Box 343
North Bennington, VT 05257

Resumes must be received by February 15, 2019. The North Bennington Board of Water Commissioners is an equal opportunity employer.

Town of Brattleboro
Wastewater Treatment Plant Chief Operator

Full time position available with the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Chief Operator oversees daily operations and is responsible for all state testing and permit requirements. Supervises crew of four employees. State of Vermont Pollution Abatement Facility Operator Domestic III License or greater required. Equivalent certification from another state recognized by the State of Vermont acceptable if certification can be transferred. Supervisory experience preferred. Annual salary range is- $67,000 to $72,000, plus good benefit package. Send application to Town Manager’s Office, Attn: WWTP, 230 Main Street #208, Brattleboro, VT 05301, or by e-mail to:, by 5:00pm on Friday, December 28, 2018. Detailed job description and employment application can be found at

The Town of Brattleboro is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and we strongly encourage people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ applicants, and people from other underrepresented groups to apply, recognizing and respecting that diverse perspectives and experiences are valuable to our team and essential to our public service. 

Water & Sewer Superintendent

Hinsdale, NH (4,000) Oversees water distribution system and sewer lines; operating budget of $564,796; 2 FTE’s. Qualifications: 5+ years in water distribution and sewer collection system construction, repair, alteration, and maintenance; 5 years supervisory experience, NH Water Distribution System Operator Grade II, NH Water Treatment Grade I, NE Water Pollution Control Association Collection System Operator Grade II; on call for emergencies; OR equivalent of education and experience. Salary range to $71,531. DOQ. EOE. Resume/cover in confidence as PDF to: by 12/10 INFORMATION:

Electrician - Union Position

Electrician is responsible for the electrical installation and repairs in all City owned buildings, equipment, and traffic signals. Works under general supervision of the City Engineer and performs a variety of skilled electrical installation, maintenance and repair tasks to traffic signals, video detection systems, computerized traffic network and City owned street lights, and related electrical or electronic equipment; plans, organizes, and follows preventative maintenance schedules for traffic signalized intersection equipment; and maintains accurate related records. Maintenance and repair of electrical equipment at the Wastewater and Water Treatment Plants. Requires knowledge of skilled electrical maintenance and repair methods, practices, and procedures and the ability to respond quickly to restore service of malfunctioning equipment and street lights to ensure public safety. Minimum of five years’ experience in electrical operations. High School Diploma or equivalent, Possess a valid Vermont State Master Electrician's license, Commercial Driver’s License.

EXTERNAL POSTING: November 2, 2108

POSTING CLOSES: November 15, 2018

Application information including a job description are available at

Water and Wastewater Operator

The Stratton Corporation is seeking a Water and Wastewater operator to work full time for the public utilities owned by the Winhall-Stratton Fire District #1. The Operator will perform a variety of tasks related to the operation and maintenance of the public utilities including water and wastewater treatment, production, distribution, collection and disposal systems. A two or four year degree in a related field is preferred as is strong technical and mechanical skills. The candidate must be able to obtain a Vermont Class 3 Water, Grade 1 DM Wastewater and Grade 1 Laboratory license within two years of the date hired and must possess a valid Vermont driver’s license. This is a year-round, full time position eligible for all of the benefits Stratton Corporation offers including health insurance, 401K retirement plans, ski passes and retail discounts. The starting pay is $18.00 to $20.00 depending on qualifications, 30 minute maximum on-call response time to Stratton is required.

Plant Operations Manager

The Upper Blackstone Water Pollution Abatement District is currently accepting resumes for a Plant Operations Manager.  As one of New England’s largest clean water treatment plants, the facility provides biological nutrient removal treatment for flows originating in the greater Worcester area and also provides biosolids management using incineration for numerous Massachusetts communities.  Candidates will be responsible for supervision of a department of twenty operators who sustain the 24/7 staffed operation of the wastewater treatment plant. The plant operations manager participates as part of a team of managers who prioritize and plan facility projects and needs ranging from hiring and training to routine maintenance and long-term capital upgrades and improvements.  The work involves significant technical knowledge as well as considerable independent judgement in planning work and making decisions. Responsibilities include adherence to regulatory requirements including NPDES permitting, federal and state air permit compliance, and storm water reporting. Other responsibilities include annual purchase agreements for chemicals and energy, including coordination of solar energy sites. The plant operations manager coordinates the control and management of hauled wastes including sludge and septage.

Candidates must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree with major work in chemistry, life sciences, environmental engineering, or a related field.  A minimum of 10 years’ experience in wastewater treatment, three years in a supervisory capacity is expected. Candidates shall have the ability to obtain a MA Grade 7C Wastewater Operator’s License.  Competitive wage and benefits include MA state retirement system.

Send letter of interest and resume to:  Liz Mailhot, Human Resources, Upper Blackstone WPAD, 50 Route 20, Millbury, MA 01527,

Wastewater Operator

The City of Barre is seeking a Wastewater Operator to join our team! The Wastewater Operator will perform a variety of tasks and assist staff with specialized technical functions related to the operation and maintenance of the City operated wastewater plant.

This is a full time position with a comprehensive benefit package including health, dental, life and short term disability insurance, health savings account for medical care, paid time off,

Good mechanical skills with general knowledge of plumbing and electrical systems. Laboratory testing and reporting procedures, pump operation/maintenance knowledge is required. Vermont Grade 4 Wastewater Certification preferred. For more information please visit the City of Barre Website at or call 802-476-0241.

Water/Wastewater Facilities Operator

Simon Operation Services is seeking a mechanically inclined Operator for our water/wastewater facilities in the SW part of Vermont. Some weekend hours are required. We offer health and dental insurance, a pension plan, and a competitive salary. Please email

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